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I am a senior marketing leader and consultant with a wide global view and more than 25 years of experience.

Creative and innovative, specialized in inventing, developing and implementing authentic approaches, programs and projects! I am enthusiastic to bring new ideas efficiently to life.
I love thinking ahead and outside the box!
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I am driven by

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The simpler the approach the better! The world is complicated enough!
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Human Centric

Listening to people and their ideas, detecting the game changers that will drive innovation!
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The interesting times we are live in offer outstanding opportunities, there is so much more to explore, to invent and to develop!

Who I am


Graduation from business school HAK Auhof in my hometown Linz/Upper Austria

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Start as General Secretary at the Austrian Snowboard Federation VÖSS

Eybl Event

Design and organize the Intersport Eybl Snowboard Classes for 3 seasons with more than 1.800 participants

Eybl Event Poster Snowboard

Organization of my first event – the “Salzburger Inline Skate Festival” together with 2 fellow students as part of my sports management studies at Salzburg university

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Start as Marketing Manager Sigls Beer Bop Collection at the Private Brewery Josef Sigl

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Start as International Event Manager at Red Bull Energy drink

Red Bull Crashed Ice Logo

Invention of Red Bull Crashed Ice – the Ice Cross Downhill sport together with Stefan Aufschnaiter

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Start as Head of Sports Austria at Red Bull Energy Drink

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Become global Head of Events Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Stratos

Lead Red Bull Stratos, the Mission to the Edge of Space

Getting Married

Wings For Life World Run Logo

Invention of the Wings for Life World Run together with Hello Haas and the Wings for Life/Red Bull Team

Foundation of the Meiche Agency

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Co-launching PHEEL, an adventure, sports and entertainment platform for the young Saudi generations

Sportpitch Logo

Curating and running a “Shark Tank for Austrian sport ideas” together with LAOLA1, ORF and Austrian Ministry of Sports and more Austrian sports institutions.

Rapidos Sprint Cross Logo

World Premiere RAPIDOS Sprint-Cross in Austria

Sebastian Steudtner Mega Big Wave

Supporting Big Wave world record holder Sebastian Steudtner in further riding world’s biggest waves


















Sigurd Meiche Snowboard
Growing up in Austria, I am now based in Mattsee/Salzburg/Austria with my family. I have been into sports my whole life and of course like to do sports myself as well. I am a passionate swimmer, snowboard-racer and a fresh-air and sun-enthusiast.


I am experienced in creating tailor-made content, marketing and sports marketing by unleashing the full power of creativity.

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Consulting companies, brands, federations, clubs (…) in designing projects, programs and approaches to become more relevant, touchable and actual with their consumers and media.
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Setting up efficient marketing- and communication programs for athletes and teams. Consulting companies and brands in athletes- and sports opinion leader marketing.
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Designing sports-, marketing- and media platforms to make people and brands progress and shine
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Adapting sports to given future media and business realities and boost established sports with new life.
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Training and motivating people with lecturing key-note-speeches
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Applying sports marketing approaches for modern recruiting.

For Companies, Brands and Agencies

I consult and deliver ideas and strategies to become more desirable and relevant, to fill brands with lives, to create word of mouth as well as impact and to be touchable by uteling my global network and various instruments (editorial communications, athletes & opinion leaders; events, speeches, trainings, ..) for all areas of their businesses (Marketing, Communications, HR, Sales ...).
Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner
© Red Bull Stratos
Red Bull Crashed Ice
© Red Bull

For sports federations and clubs

I support the adaptation of clubs and federations to changing realities of people’s sport behaviors, media demands and business directions. I am bringing in my experience, creativity and global network in the areas of sports, entertainment, public health, high performance, member services, content creations, storytelling, gamification, sustainability and more. Ranging from workshops, consultancy or new events/sport creations.

References: Inventing the sport Ice Cross; creating a new global running format (World Run).

For Media Platforms and Companies

I connect content owners and media companies – there is a lot of “not yet usable” sports content around that just needs twists to become media-fitting. Not always mainstream but relevant! Adjust existing sports and competitions with existing audiences or create new ones. Create authentic and relevant stories and talk-about content, fill media formats, connect with outstanding sports personalities and design events as sustainable media happenings!
Red Bull Wings For Life
© Red Bull /Wings for Life bei World Run
FH St. Poelten
FH St.Pölten, Austria 2018

For Schools, Universities and Think Tanks

Design educational- and knowledge-exchange programs, lectures and brainstorming seminars for creative and innovative people and students. Allowing the audience to benefit from experiences and expertise in a mix of academic and applied insights. Tailor-made keynote speeches and lectures about sports marketing, events, athletes, content creation and related specific topics.



HABSBURG TEATIME ©Habsburg Kleidermanufaktur



It was a pleasure to conceptualize and realize this event for and with the HABSBURG team. We introduced their new logo, brand appearance and new collection for hunting and fine living to their key customers, opinion leaders and friends. The iconic castle Leopoldskron in Salzburg served as perfect stage for a casual teatime, framed with a mix of classical and modern music, an interactive photoshoot to let our guests try out the new pieces without having to organize an old-fashioned fashion show ;-). Salzburg 2024




Together with LAOLA1, in cooperation with ORF (Austrian Television) and Sportbox, we created the SPORTPITCH. A project that offers the diversity of Austrian sport a platform to present ideas on how sport can become independently economically sustainable. It was a lot of fun meeting many interesting people and advising and curating the many innovative projects. Remarkable: The solidarity of Sport Austria, the local umbrella organizations ASKÖ, ASVÖ and Sportunion, as well as Sporthilfe and the Ministry of Sport!




I feel very honored having been part of one the best events I ever attended. Worked with a great team in the LOC! Nine European championships under one roof that went down in the history books as the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the 1972 Olympic Games, uniting the existing European championships of nine exciting and spectacular sports under one roof. Outstanding: Utilizing the venues from 1972 OG! 4,024 athletes from 50 nations 1.47 million visitors 772 festival events and more than 150 performers 700 hours of live broadcasting https://www.munich2022.com/en

Rapidos Sprint-Cross ©MEICHE GmbH


Rapidos Sprint-Cross

Together with Austria's sprint icon Andreas Berger, we have invented a new event, running format and a running discipline, since among the thousands of running events there is currently none for "modern sprinting": In sprint cross, fast runners from many different sports (basketball, soccer, handball, athletics, crossfit and many more) compete against each other in an exciting elimination competition, a 4-cross, in a direct duel. It is run on natural terrain, in the middle of the city, in shopping malls and in historical places. The routes have curves and spectacular turning points. The distance is just as unique as the format: exactly 192.27 meters have to be mastered, a veritable sprint that was already carried out in ancient times at the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. Was run. After the successful world premiere in Wels / Austria in 2021, we are now rolling out the project internationally in a license model, also in your location! www.sprint-cross.com

HUMANIC Brand relaunch ©Humanic


HUMANIC Brand relaunch

Support of the brand relaunch of the cult brand Humanic "Frag Franz" by developing a concept to inform, engage and excite all employees. During the challenging Covid period, flexibility was required and an initial drive-in cinema roadshow turned into a program design and streaming in all Humanic outlets. Great brand, great team and great partners (Getec-Group and Luxfux Media GmbH)

Evcom Sports Marketing Course ©GSA Saudi Arabia


Evcom Sports Marketing Course

The evcom-Sports-marketing courses have been designed to serve the growing demand of qualified sports marketing experts in Saudi Arabia with a basic and close-to-reality sports marketing education that will entitle the graduates to directly start working in sports e.g. in setting up the organization and marketing of small sport events and regional sports clubs.

PHEEL ©Pheel



Being part of the new Saudi brand PHEEL as head of experiences and brand consultant, creating unique and aspirational eSports and events, tours and once-in-a-lifetime experiences in this wonderful country!

Wings for Life World Run ©Red Bull / Wings for Life


Wings for Life World Run

Inventing with Hello Haas and the Wings for Life Team in 2014 the first ever event that happens simultaneously at the very same time all over the world. 135.000 people in 35 locations on all continents and via the app also remote where ever they are in. All running for a good cause for the ones who can’t, raising money for the Wings For Life foundation to boost the research on spinal cord injuries. A totally new and innovative way of running, with a moving finish line, the so called ”Catcher Car” starts overtaking all runners until the last one globally is running. Goosebumps don’t lie, register now to experience the unique and special atmosphere. Please support Wings for Life!

Red Bull Mind Gamers ©Red Bull


Red Bull Mind Gamers

Inventing with Konstantin Migutsch, Bernhard Spahni and the Red Bull team a global problem-solving platform, challenging creative minds from all over the globe with puzzles and online challenges focussing on skills like strategy, logic, creativity or memory. Closed with a global final for the best escape room teams in Budapest in 2016.

Red Bull Paper Wings ©Red Bull


Red Bull Paper Wings

Inventing in 2012 together with Ernst Lorenzi and the Red Bull Team Red Bull’s most international event format : a global paper plane contest for students, 350 qualification tournaments on universities in more than 80 countries around the world, allowing more than 40.000 participants to fold a paper plane and perform in “longest distance “and “longest airtime” and qualify as country-winner for the global final in Salzburg’s unique Hangar-7. Simple but attractive closed with one of Salzburg’s most legendary party ;-).

Red Bull X-Fighters World Series ©Red Bull


Red Bull X-Fighters World Series

Designing and running the Freestyle Moto Cross World series Red Bull X-Fighters over 8 years: one of the most exciting sports that you can perform in front of big crowds, achieving an outstanding media footprint competing with mass sports numbers and hitting some of the world’s most iconic locations: Red Square in Moscow Russia, Sphinx in Cairo Egypt, the Sambodromo in Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Battersea Power Station in London United Kingdom, Plaza del torres Las Ventas Madrid Spain, Slane Castle Ireland, Stockyards Dallas Ford Worth Texas US, Stampede Park Calgary Canada, Cockatoo Island Sidney Australia, Glen Hellen Raceway California US, Olympic Stadium Munich Germany, Yedikule Fortress Istanbul Turkey, Corniche Abu Dhabi United Arabic Emirates, Osaka Castle Osaka, Japan, Union Building Pretoria South Africa, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Dubai, United Arabic Emirates and others

Red Bull Stratos ©Red Bull


Red Bull Stratos

Project leading this “Mission to the Edge of Space” with the final record jump in September 2013 of the Austrian Felix Baumgartner, supported by a crew of more than 250 experts and resulting into the most watched single sport-event ever at this time, outperforming even the moon landing. Proving that rescue from space is possible, owning the internet in these days and breaking 3 world records. Making Felix the first human to fly supersonic without any engine! Described by the Huffington Post as “breaking the traditional barriers of marketing, sponsorships and social media”

Red Bull Crashed Ice ©Red Bull


Red Bull Crashed Ice

Inventing with Stefan Aufschnaiter (President ATSX) and the Red Bull Team this new sports sport Ice Cross Downhill, described by SPORT ILLUSTRATED as “The first sports of the new century” in 1999 and a hot candidate for future Olympic programs. Dedicated to all skate and freestyle communities and inspired by the look & feel of video games, asking for the skills of ice skaters, inliners, skiers, snowboarders and all kind of cross athletes we designed this sport as a perfect symbiosis of sports-, media- and marketing. Staging events in Canada, US, Germany, France, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Czech Republic or Austria. And new: summer ice cross is about to come (watch out for the SIC-Open!)

SEBASTIAN STEUDTNER Big Wave World Record Holder ©


SEBASTIAN STEUDTNER Big Wave World Record Holder

It was a pleasure, supporting Sebastian, the current big wave world record holder on his way to set his team up for even higher waves. Great team, outstanding partners and insightful work with very experienced specialists in sports, media, technology and innovation! https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/2022/sports-society/porsche-sebastian-steudtner-guinness-world-record-big-wave-surfing-28515.html

I am fascinated by the power of good marketing and sports marketing, by events, athletes and interesting people!
Sigurd Meiche
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