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I am a senior marketing leader with a wide global view and more than 25 years of experience.

Creative and innovative, specialized in inventing, developing and implementing authentic programs and projects! I am enthusiastic to bring new ideas efficiently to life. I love thinking ahead and “connecting the dots”!
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I am driven by

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The simpler the approach the better! The world is complicated enough!
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Human Centric

Listening to people and their ideas, detecting the game changers that will drive innovation!
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The interesting times we are live in offer outstanding opportunities, there is so much more to explore, to invent and to develop!

who i am


Graduation from business school HAK Auhof in my hometown Linz/Upper Austria

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Start as General Secretary at the Austrian Snowboard Federation VÖSS

Eybl Event

Design and organize the Intersport Eybl Snowboard Classes for 3 seasons with more than 1.800 participants

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Organization of my first event – the “Salzburger Inline Skate Festival” together with 2 fellow students as part of my sports management studies at Salzburg university

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Start as Marketing Manager Sigls Beer Bop Collection at the Private Brewery Josef Sigl

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Start as International Event Manager at Red Bull Energy drink

Logo Red Bull Crashed Ice

Invention of Red Bull Crashed Ice – the Ice Cross Downhill sport together with Stefan Aufschnaiter

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Start as Head of Sports Austria at Red Bull Energy Drink

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Become global Head of Events Red Bull Energy Drink

Logo Red Bull Stratos

Lead Red Bull Stratos, the Mission to the Edge of Space

Getting Married

Logo Wings For Life World Run

Invention of the Wings for Life World Run together with Hello Haas and the Wings for Life/Red Bull Team

Logo Meiche

Foundation of the Meiche Agency

Logo Meiche

World Premiere Rapidos Sprint-Cross in Wels, Austria















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Growing up in Austria, I am now based in Mattsee/Salzburg/Austria with my family. I have been into sports my whole life and of course like to do sports myself as well. I am a passionate swimmer, snowboard-racer and a fresh-air and sun-enthusiast.


I am Experienced in

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Creating tailor-made marketing and sports marketing by unleashing the full power of creativity
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Designing credible programs for people and their desires to make brands relevant and touchable.
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Working with sports opinion leaders and athletes as authentic brand ambassadors.
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Designing sports-, marketing- and media platforms to make people progress and shine
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Adapting sports to given future media and business realities and boost established sports with new life.
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Training and motivating students and (sports)marketing people and holding key-note-speeches.

For Companies, Brands and Agencies

I consult and deliver ideas and strategies to become more desirable and relevant, to fill brands with lives, to create word of mouth as well as impact and to be touchable by uteling my global network and various instruments (editorial communications, athletes & opinion leaders; events, speeches, trainings, ..) for all areas of their businesses (Marketing, Communications, HR, Sales ...).
Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner
© Red Bull Stratos
Red Bull Crashed Ice
© Red Bull

For sports federations and clubs

I support the adaptation of clubs and federations to changing realities of people’s sport behaviors, media demands and business directions. I am bringing in my experience, creativity and global network in the areas of sports, entertainment, public health, high performance, member services, content creations, storytelling, gamification, sustainability and more. Ranging from workshops, consultancy or new events/sport creations.

References: Inventing the sport Ice Cross; creating a new global running format (World Run).

For Media Platforms and Companies

I connect content owners and media companies – there is a lot of “not yet usable” sports content around that just needs twists to become media-fitting. Not always mainstream but relevant! Adjust existing sports and competitions with existing audiences or create new ones. Create authentic and relevant stories and talk-about content, fill media formats, connect with outstanding sports personalities and design events as sustainable media happenings!
Red Bull Wings For Life
© Red Bull /Wings for Life bei World Run
FH St. Poelten
FH St.Pölten, Austria 2018

For Schools, Universities and Think Tanks

Design educational- and knowledge-exchange programs, lectures and brainstorming seminars for creative and innovative people and students. Allowing the audience to benefit from experiences and expertise in a mix of academic and applied insights. Tailor-made keynote speeches and lectures about sports marketing, events, athletes, content creation and related specific topics.



I am fascinated by the power of good marketing and sports marketing, by events, athletes and interesting people!
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