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Drei Digi Talk - Sigurd Meiche

Digitalization in Sport - More Movement through Digitalization

Expert Discussion - DREI „DigiTalk“ Vienna - 2021

More movement through digitization.

E-sports, live streams, virtual running events or video evidence: digitization has long since arrived in sports, Corona has given it another real boost. But what does this mean for the major sporting events of the future - and what does it mean for amateur athletes? What does the digital future of sports clubs, professional athletes and their fans look like? Does the digitalization of sport ensure more movement - or is this increasingly being replaced by screens?

Well-known experts from the fields of professional sports, online sports, sports media, sports marketing, sports science and telecommunications discussed this at the Drei DigitalImpuls DigiTalk on July 8, 2021: Viktoria Schnaderbeck, soccer player; Sabine Pata, GF and course director “Focus on the future”; Sigurd Meiche, Marketing Expert Wings4life Run and RedBull; Tom Berger, Head of Laola1 and moderator of DigiTalk; Christoph Stadler, Head of Marketing & Strategy DreiBusiness

You read Digitalization in Sport - More Movement through Digitalization

Drei Digi Talk - Sigurd Meiche


Sigurd Meiche

Managing Director
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